Workshops and labs

    The TSM team is a diverse, international group of facilitators who offer in-company workshops and training courses for organizations, corporations and other social collectives. Our team also works on special projects in one-to-one creative lab environments that we co-design with you. We work in English, Spanish, Catalan and French. Sometimes in combinations of two languages.

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    If you want to learn how to do things differently, our workshops can help.

    Our facilitation methodology is highly dynamic and precise. We assist the whole group throughout the process, alternating with moments of personalized coaching that help to deconstruct thinking habits and implement new ones.

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    Basic or customized training

    Communication that connects

    2 mornings or 2 days to:

    • Reinvent your approach to any communication project.
    • Customize stories, pitches, proposals for every different audience.
    • Eliminate standardized, empty language from your discourse.
    • Engage and connect to your audience face-to-face, online, in videos and in print.
    • Strengthen your professional role and confidence as a communicator.
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    New narrative prototypes

    Co-creation and repositioning

    2 or 3 days to:

    • Create and test a new story for a product, service or brand.
    • Renew old narratives to be in sync with today's world and business goals.
    • Utilize team diversity in the creation and communication of new stories.
    • Accumulate a pool of stories for publicity, advertising or marketing campaigns.
    • Use storyboards to align decision-makers and collaborators with your project.
    • Build your story or high-stake communication together.
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    Story activism

    Set your ideas in motion

    2 or 3 days to:

    • Hack, shift, or redirect dominant narratives.
    • Identify the narratives and stories that Circulate around us to unveil their power.
    • Construct new narratives that provoke new thinking and action.
    • Expand awareness of your project, platform or social movement.
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    Team building

    Aligned and activated teams

    2 days to:

    • Increase ability to listen to each other, deliberate, and make group decisions.
    • Advance a strategy or mission inside the organization to reach a common vision.
    • Encourage new thinking and the plurality of talents.
    • Break through moments of tension, immobility or conflict.
    • Elevate individual satisfaction and motivation.
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    Story driven organizations

    Autonomous story-creating teams

    2 days to:

    • Improve thinking skills and organizational problem-solving capacity.
    • Share common tools and a mutual vocabulary inside the organization.
    • Align your work habits with the products and services you offer.
    • Address cultural change within an organization by incorporating new methodologies and know-how.
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    Hooks Jam!

    Rhythm, hook and flavour in your speeches

    4 hours of surprise

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    Any real change, innovation or disruption needs clear intention and the allocation of time and space — that part comes from you. We provide the tools, methods and facilitation crew to take you there. We will help you design a way forward, writing new stories that will give shape to the future.



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    How we can help?

    ☎ (+34) 677 199 295 / (+34) 658 314 360