A meeting of two brains

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    The story of this method and book takes place in Barcelona, where its two authors met.

    They had contrasting personalities and histories. Their lives had begun in different countries, on different continents, in different decades. One was from the United States and the other from France. One was fiery, the other, calm. Their education and professional journeys were rich with diversity — from fine arts to philosophy, from pedagogy to politics. Theirs was a relationship of contrasts.


    They were problem-solvers by nature, and believed deeply in the possibility of change. They believed in the power and pleasure of continuous learning, and in the capacity of the human imagination.


    Soon they began building maps together to trace common themes and needs they were hearing from other professionals, clients and colleagues.


    They began to design a path composed of tools to help people think, create, communicate and connect in new ways. Their goal was to build tools that would help people activate their inherent talents and acquire new ones. They asked more questions, listened, observed, gathered data, developed prototypes, tested, iterated and perfected.


    Two years later, a method was born.


    This particular meeting of two brains happened inside the buzzing, humming grid of a city. The meeting with your brain happens now. Now, there are three.


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    Jenifer L. Johnson

    Story activist, finds solutions to complex problems by crafting new narratives.

    She began by working with governments and NGOs to rethink outdated narratives and build new ones that changed public perceptions of important health issues, as well as the policy framework.


    As head of a social lobbying organisation in Washington DC, she created narratives that mobilized members of Congress to pass critical healthcare legislation.


    She has taught entrepreneurship and innovation at several European universities. She continues to advise entrepreneurs, scientists, political leaders and social collectives on how to translate their information into clear narratives that can be used to connect with others. Her motto is: people who shape the stories shape the future.


    Jenifer was born and spent her childhood under the big skies of Texas.

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    Marion Charreau

    An artist and mapmaker of ideas, she can clarify anything by drawing it on a piece of paper.

    Her first book, Le français vu du ciel, was recognised by the publishing house Le Robert as the most innovative work they had seen in years. In it, she synthesized a language into illustrated maps.


    A multilingual consultant, Marion is part of a global visual literacy campaign. She teaches how to use visual tools to reflect, organize and communicate ideas, learn and make decisions.


    Her workshops encourage autonomous thinking and activate new individual and collective work habits. She has trained more than four thousand people in companies, governmental institutions and universities in Europe and Latin America.


    Marion was born and raised on the banks of a French river.


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