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  • Who is this for?

    The Storyboard Method is a new kind of workshop for people that want to perfect the art of presenting ideas.

    The course teaches a step by step and repeatable framework for creating presentations using the power of the story: for a meeting, conference, pitch, proposal, publication, online media or the press.
    It's offered in English and Spanish and is designed for businesses, organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, educators and researchers.

  • The power of your communication

    is in the story you tell.

  • Description 

    You can capture the attention, inspire and move people to action with the right kind of presentation—communicating with clear intention and art.

    Everyday in our personal and professional life we have to present information or sell a service or product. Our professional success often depends on how well we establish a connection with those in front of us.

    However, professionals from all over the world share similar difficulties when faced with preparing a presentation.

    We might feel blocked or unsure about how to begin the process, we might not know the best way to select and organize the information, we may feel a lack of confidence and worry that the audience won't enjoy the experience or feel motivated by the content.

    This course will change all of that.

    The Storyboard Method shows you how to focus, organize and present your ideas to impact and inspire your particular audience; it helps you shape information using the power of a story.

  • Why communicate with a story?

    In a world flooded with information, what people really desire, is a story.

    Humans are story seekers by nature—we look for the story in everything we hear and see. If we don't find the story we will most likely feel frustrated or disinterested. When we do find a story that captivates us—we engage.

    As professionals, if we understand the basic structure of composing and narrating a story and we apply this to our communication needs, we can captivate and connect to our audience.

    What is a story?

    Stories frame events and information in a way that creates shared meaning and understanding between people.

    Storytelling is at the root of human culture — people have always told and listened to stories that pass on their history, beliefs and knowledge.

    In its simplest form a story is a narrative that has a beginning, middle and end. It gives structure to experience—to delight us and help us make sense of the world.

    What is a storyboard?

    In this training, people learn how to incorporate the use of a storyboard in the creation of presentations.

    A storyboard is a planning tool for visualizing and organizing ideas.


    Ideas are pictorially or verbally represented and displayed so that they can be developed, rearranged and discussed.

    It's a perfect tool for people who want to organize information for proposals, presentations or productions. Using a storyboard transforms your information into a visual story and allows people to experiment with changes in the sequence or storyline during the creative process.

    History of the storyboard

    The storyboarding process was developed in Hollywood during the early 1930s for the first animated films and is still used today as a key step in making any movie.


    Each scene of the film is drawn on paper and put in sequence on a large board that is hung on the wall. This allows the team to see and arrange the order of the film before it's made.

    Years later, large companies like IBM and General Electric developed storyboarding as a planning tool to coordinate the construction of proposals, reports and presentations.

  • How are storyboards used today?

    By individuals — directors, start-up founders, researchers, entrepreneurs, project leaders, innovators — to communicate their ideas, products or findings to investors, colleagues, clients and the press.

    By groups — companies, organizations and teams — to help people with different thought processes and skills work toward a common goal in creative collaborations.

  • Program

    The workshop program is divided into 4 steps:

     The objectives of the training are:


    to give you a repeatable framework for creating a presentation from start to finish;
    to learn to use the story as the basic structure to present ideas;
    to become skilled at creating and selecting content to fit different audiences;
    to learn to shape content into a story with a beginning, a middle and end;
    to learn when and how to use effective hooks to liven people's interest;
    to use simple drawing to illustrate ideas and concepts; and
    to master the use the storyboard for any communication need.

  •                                        Training style

    The training is hands-on, interactive and creative; people learn as they experience and practice the process.


    It's important to be able to see the big-picture during the entire workshop. For this reason the physical space is a protagonist together with the acts of brainstorming, writing and drawing on paper that allows people to visually organize the content generated throughout the workshop.


    This training style also helps to document and interiorize all the parts of the process. 


    At the end of the training, the participants will receive a workbook with the templates, exercises and tools used in the workshop.


    content strategy + visual thinking + storyboarding.

  • Results

    →You will be able to create presentations that are clear and motivating.
    →You will engage and connect to your audience.
    →You will be able to adapt presentations to different audiences—internationalize your content.
    →You will feel more confident while presenting.
    →You will know how to apply the method of storyboarding to any communication need.
    →You will master the art of storytelling.

  • How to request this training

    We can give a workshop for your team, your organization or

    business whenever you like. 


    We will come to your business, work space or organization.



    We offer the training in English and Spanish (translation support in French available)



    Duration = 10 hours or 13 hours

    Timetable options:

    Intensive training (learn the method)
    10 hours


    Extended training (learn the method + delivery skills) 13 hours


    Budget on request 

    Contact us for more information and to receive a budget proposal.


  • TSM customized: bring a specific project to life

    We can accompany you in the creation of a presentation or in the development of a group project.

    Individual projects

    - oral presentations with or without visual support
    - talking to the press
    - strategic meetings

    - delivery and oratory skills

    - online or offline courses

    - publication or book developlment
    - leadership through storytelling

    Group projects

    - team building around the construction of a narrative
    - build a visual narrative for a presentation or sales
    - pitching business or idea to investors, clients
    - product innovation

    - creative idea construction in group

  • You can call us, send an email

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    We can talk about your concrete needs,

    the logistics and the budget. 


    Jenifer L. Johnson
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  • The trainers

    Marion Charreau

    Trainer and consultant in Mind Maps and Predom:

    Marion has a wide range of experience in different sectors that include the agri-food industry, aerospace, banking, telecommunications, technology, transport, culture and education.


    She collaborates with institutions in France and Spain.


    Information and idea map-maker:

    She specializes in techniques of graphic facilitation to help people clarify and organize ideas and stimulate teamwork dynamics.

    Marion conceptualizes and produces visual content; her techniques help to organize and make information visible in order to create connections and generate new ideas.



    She facilitates group work sessions using Mind Maps y other creativity techniques along with giving conferences and workshops.


    Webs : www.mc-maps.com & www.territoiresdeslangues.com

    Jenifer L. Johnson

    Jenifer is a strategist, consultant, teacher and trainer specializing in the areas of strategic mapping, narrative strategy and creative entrepreneurship.


    American, born in Texas, she currently resides in Barcelona.


    She began her professional career creating programs and new communication strategies for NGOs, foundations and the governments of the US and Spain.


    Jenifer worked as a lobbyist en Washington DC to help to create political discourse for members of Congress and fund billion dollar legislation that responded to needs in public health.


    Creator of the method Strategic Mapping she brings her experience from the US to Europe to help businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations craft strategic maps with new clarity and a strong story that helps them to connect to their public. Jenifer also gives workshops, seminars and courses on the art of entrepreneurship at several Spanish universities.


    She is author of The Strategy Blog in English and Spanish.

  • Businesses, organisations and institutions that we have worked with:

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise,

    Banque Centrale du Luxembourg,

    Department of Cybersecurity - Autonomous Government of Catalonia,

    African Science Leadership Program,

    Idilia Foods,

    Anthemis Group London - Fintech,

    Hospital Clinic Barcelona,

    Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    Centre de Telecomunicaciones de Tecnologies de Catalunya,

    IESE Business School

    ESADE Business School

    Universidad Pompeu Fabra

    MAC Cosmetics, Desigual, Ferrero

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