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    The art and science of presenting ideas

    Create the perfect story for every audience

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  • Transforming information into a compelling narrative can be learned

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    Create fresh narratives

    The Storyboard Method will teach you how to create new narratives for your personal or professional projects. It will also inspire you to replace or transform stories that no longer work.

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    Communicate with mastery

    You will learn to find your stories, put them into words, visualize them and transmit them with confidence in any format.

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    Connect with your audience

    You will connect with diverse audiences with creativity, strategy and imagination, conveying stories that are memorable and meaningful to them.

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    Incorporate new rituals

    You will have a collection of reliable tools to call on whenever you need them and which will help you to adopt new habits in the way you work.

  • The power of creating your own stories

    Presenting ideas with art and skill is vital for any professional. One of the greatest powers a person can have is the ability to construct his or her own stories — stories that connect to people. The whole purpose of this method is to give you that power.


    In a world flooded with pieces of information, bits of data, fragments of ideas, sounds, images, and commands, what we are all looking for is skilled telling -- story and narratives that are relevant to our lives.

    We are inviting you to take a seat in the director's chair, where you will activate your curiosity and feel more alert.

    You may need to create a pitch, transmit a purpose or mission, visualize a new project, innovate a product story or develop a social manifesto. No matter what the challenge is, transforming information into a compelling narrative can be learned.

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    A method for people who want to revolutionize the way they transmit ideas

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    These are some of the communication activities and formats you can develop using the method, whether it be presenting an important idea to people around a table or in a conference room, through a webinar, a video platform or sitting in a café.

    The Storyboard Method is used by:

    • Independent professionals
    • Organizational leaders
    • Marketing and sales teams
    • Scientific teams
    • NGOs and foundations
    • Corporate management
    • Activist communities
    • Educators
    • Government bodies


  • How can you learn about and experience The Storyboard Method?

    With the book

    Learn to use the tools of the method and the science behind each step at your own pace and on your own.

    In our workshops

    Organize interactive training workshops where you learn from experience.


    The book


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    4 steps and 10 tools collected in a book that will help you clarify your ideas, open up new perspectives and transform information into a captivating narrative.


    This story begins in Barcelona, where Jenifer and Marion met for the first time a few years ago at the intersection of two broad avenues.

    Their lives had begun in different countries, on different continents, in different decades.
    Theirs was a relationship of contrasts.


    Much more than a method to learn how to make storyboards

    Why the word method?

    Theory and practice live far away from each other, disconnected.

    And we are caught in the gap. This is why we need a method. A method is a way to do something, a clear route for focusing our thinking and taking action.


    Having a method nudges us out of immobility and futile activity; it shows us how to do something differently. It helps us to gain both confidence and mastery.


    This way, the theory is transformed into something we can apply. The connection is made; gone is the gap.

    Why the word storyboard?

    The idea behind storyboarding is to make the complete picture of the narrative clear to all the people creating it. The technique was born in the film industry, but today it plays a vital role in the production of all kinds of story-creating, well beyond movies.


    The magic and power of storyboards is that they combine two types of language: verbal and visual. They awaken the artist and writer within us; the different parts of the brain are activated and act in harmony.


    In addition to being one of the 10 tools you will learn, the storyboard serves as a metaphor that reflects the entire process of the method, a process that activates all the talents of the brain to achieve a narrative goal. It turns us into the directors of our own stories.


    "I can confirm the power of this method to unlock options and ideas that you could not find otherwise. If you want to discover a gold nugget in the form of business solutions, hidden processes or new products, this book is your visual dynamite."


    "Communicating is existing. If you want to exist while being creative and visualize your ideas in an agile and practical way, this method will open your mind to another unconventional dimension."


    "This method is an exquisite recipe for your communication. You prepare a mix of key questions and add a handful of reflection, a dash of logic, a pinch of graphics and a spoonful of persuasion. It is perfect for launching projects or for creating pitches and presentations with your team and clients. You will always get tasty results."


    "In a digital world where we are saturated with information, TSM is a practical, smart, fun and crucial method for selecting and conveying the right information to the right audience and, above all, for capturing attention and making others remember what you say. You take ownership of your message."

  • ¿Quieres más?

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    The Storyboard Method®

    El arte y la ciencia de presentar ideas


    Aprende a crear historias altamente conectivas para atraer y cautivar a tu audiencia.

  • Con The Storyboard Method, aprenderás:



    Cómo generar y seleccionar contenidos



    Cómo organizar el contenido para crear una historia



    Cómo usar el lenguaje visual para crear el storyboard



    Cómo cautivar al hacer la presentación

  • Transformar la información en una narración vibrante,

    es algo que se puede aprender.

    Crea con frescura

    The Storyboard Method te enseñará a crear nuevas narraciones para tus proyectos personales o profesionales. También puedes reemplazar o transformar las historias que ya no sirven.

    Comunica con maestría

    Aprenderás a encontrar tus historias, ponerlas en palabras, visualizarlas y transmitirlas con confianza a través de cualquier medio.

    Conecta con tu audiencia

    Conectarás con una diversidad de públicos con creatividad, estrategia e imaginación, transmitiendo historias memorables y significativas para ellos.

    Incorpora nuevos rituales

    Tendrás una colección de herramientas fiables a las que recurrir siempre que lo necesites y que te ayudarán a cultivar nuevos hábitos en tu forma de trabajar.

  • TOMÁS TOMEO, Director Principal Gifts, IESE Business School

    «Comunicar es existir. Si quieres existir siendo creativo y visualizar tus ideas de forma ágil y práctica, este libro te abrirá la mente a otra dimensión no convencional»

    CÉCILE PRAPOTNICH, Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    «Este libro es una exquisita receta para tu comunicación. Preparas una mezcla de preguntas clave y añades un puñado de reflexión, un toque de lógica, una pizca de gráficos y una cucharada de persuasión. Es perfecta para lanzar proyectos o para hacer pitches y presentaciones con tu equipo y tus clientes. Siempre obtendrás sabrosos resultados»

    JOHN MANN, dibujante de storyboards para cine y películas animadas

    «Puedo confirmar el poder de este método para desbloquear opciones e ideas que
    no podrías encontrar de otra manera.
    Si quieres descubrir una veta de oro de soluciones de negocio, procesos ocultos

    o nuevos productos, este libro es tu dinamita visual»

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