• A new starting point

    The Storyboard Method helps people build a new relationship with creating and communicating.
    The 4 steps and 10 tools of the method will take you on a path of discovery.


    With TSM you will reinvent the way you present ideas.

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  • A reliable path


    The Storyboard Method is composed of four steps that flow from one to the other: focus, organize, visualize, deliver. Each step includes a series of practical and concrete tools that provide guidance throughout the creative process. It teaches you how to build the perfect story for every different audience. You will see the story unfold before you with order and clarity.

    A dynamic and liberating process


    You will take your mind and body on an adventure. When you start using the tools of the method, you will get up from your chair a lot, move around, crumple some paper, hang things on the wall, and then sit down again.


    You will also awaken your spirit for drawing. You will feel more confident to use simple drawings to illustrate and convey your ideas and you will increase your mastery of connecting verbal and visual communication.

    Take away uneasiness and insecurity


    TSM helps you find the connecting thread between the content you select. You will know how to decide what happens first, what happens next, and then what happens after that — until you get to a storyline, with a beginning, middle and end.


    You will know how to create visual prototypes of stories with all their pieces in a seamless sequence.

    Connect with any audience in any situation


    A story comes to life when it connects to the minds of the audience. To make this connection, it is necessary to step outside of yourself in order to see the world from their point of view.


    TSM helps you plan what you want this particular audience to discover intellectually and emotionally. It helps you to lead your audience to action. The narrative becomes a meeting place between the aims of the story-creator and the current reality of the audience.


    The tools

    TSM invites you to gather together a new set of tools. Their essential function is to guide you to use different types of thinking in different moments of the creative process. They help you take action in ways you may not have tried before.


    Each tool is designed as a new frame of thinking to solve a particular problem. In the book and in the workshops, we describe how to use them, how they connect with each other and the results you can achieve with each one.

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    Tool 1 ⤑

    Map of Possible Audiences

    To identify the people you would like to connect to

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    Tool 2 ⤑​

    My Audience Map

    To understand the defining characteristics of your audience

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    Tool 3 ⤑​

    Four-Question Grid

    To decide what you want to provoke in this audience

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    Tool 4 ⤑​

    Content Wheel

    To convert your ideas into content that will reach your audience

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    Tool 5 ⤑​

    The Moveable Storyline

    To arrange the content and create a story

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    Tool 6 ⤑​


    To keep your audience’s interest from beginning to end

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    Tool 7 ⤑​

    Visual Vocabulary Guide

    To see the whole story with more clarity

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    Tool 8 ⤑​


    To create a prototype of the narrative

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    Tool 9 ⤑​

    Golden rules for visual composition

    To maximize the visual impact

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    Tool 10 ⤑​

    Golden rules for delivery​

    To skillfully tell the story with confidence